Dr. Peter Kundinger, owner of PK Improvements and author of „The Internal Audit as Change Agent”

(a detailed CV can be found on www.xing.com as well as on www.linkedin.com)
  • global leadership expertise in Internal Audit and Risk Management positions
  • cross-sector professional experience (IT, automotive, metering, food and travel industry, as well as in wholesaling)
  • expert in Organisational Design, Organisational Development / Change Management and in Project Management
  • conducted assignments/projects in Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey), North America (USA, Canada), Asia/Africa (Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Senegal) and Australia
  • Internal Audit management positions (reporting lines to Board of Directors respectively executive management levels) in a variety of industries as well as in wholesaling
  • responsibility for global Internal Audit, Risk Management and Insurance functions
  • design and set-up of Internal Audit and Risk Management functions on both global and national levels
  • consultant for the implementation of a global Internal Audit function within the metering industry
  • execution of operational audits in almost all business areas, particularly in Finance and Accounting units, Logistics and HR
  • practical Change Management experience (knowledge management; development of training concept; design and execution of internal and external communication strategy; stakeholder analysis, stakeholder management) in a project involving approximately 4.000 end users
  • design and execution of various workshops and management trainings
  • the book „The Internal Audit as Change Agent”, published in Germany in 2007, develops an approach which creates a symbiosis of review/consulting tasks and aspects of organisational development/project management. As part of this approach, key indicators (the so-called „CIF”), which are characteristic of any innovation-friendly company, were established within the areas of Management/ Organisation, Knowledge Management, Corporate Culture and Behaviour of organisational members.
  • articles in the german internal audit magazine „Zeitschrift Interne Revision”
  • statements/written comments on the internet platform PAIN (Professional Audit Information Networking)
  • speaker at the „Management Circle” event „Trends in Internal Audit”